What is Runescape Botting?

Runescape botting is the act of using automated programs, macros, or systems to perform tasks in the game automatically. In the early days of Runescape classic, the Runescape bots that started to appear were very basic packet bots. These bots sent packets to Jagex’s servers emulating a Runescape game client. Soon after these bots were eradicated the next type of bot that appeared were color bots. These bots use the color of the in-game objects to detect and play the game. These bots were made ineffective in game when Jagex decided to randomly change the colors of in-game textures at different time intervals. The next type of bot to appear was injection bots. This is the era of botting where some of the major botting companies like RSBot and TriBot emerged. This type of botting used byte hacking techniques to get information about the game through the client source code and use it to interact with the game. The final and most recent type of botting that is apparent everywhere as of now is called reflection botting, where the game client is reflected into a Java virtual machine and is modified there to prevent Jagex from detecting the botting client.

Why do people bot?

There are two types of botters In Runescape today; there are casual and goldfarmers. Casual botters are botting to further their progress in their personal accounts. This may be backed by an inability to play the game regularly due to school or work or pure boredom. Goldfarmers on the other hand bot purely to make profit from the Runescape gold and accounts they create. When you see those 100 accounts with garbage names such as “dsjlfgkhgf24245” chopping oaks in Varrock you can be sure that they are not casual botters but goldfarmers. These goldfarmers use customised clients that are custom coded to automate the entire botting process. They create the accounts, train their stats, and collect gold all without any human input. Some of the more seasoned goldfarmers run over 200 accounts at a time generating over $100000 in revenue every year.

How can I bot?

As you are probably not going to shell out thousands of dollars to have a custom botting client created for you, you should probably use one of the popular botting clients that are available today. The botting platforms I personally recommend are RSBot and TriBot. These botting clients are both tried and trusted by the Runescape botting community and are 100% safe. Botting, however, is not 100% safe. It is quite unsafe. Botting on your main account nowadays pretty much guarantees a ban sooner or later. Therefore, it is recommended to bot on accounts that are replaceable and not too valuable.

How can I make money botting?

The best way to make money botting is to suicide bot replaceable accounts. Let’s say you created 10 accounts in OSRS, gave them a bond, and set up a wilderness looting script. These accounts will probably get banned within 24-48 hours of botting. If those accounts generate 200k per hour each account will generate an average of 7.2mill in its lifetime. With the price of a bond being around 2mill, that a 5.2mill profit per account. The profit over 10 accounts would be 52mill. You can then sell this 52mill to one of the trusted gold sellers listed in our directory to earn around $50 USD. That’s pretty good for one day of work!

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