OSRS Kudos Guide

This is a guide about how to obtain Kudos on Oldschool RS the easiest and most efficient way possible. Kudos are rewarded for helping the staff inside of the Varrock Museum. To access Fossil Island you need to obtain 100 or more Kudos. This guide will tell you exactly how to get 225 Kudos as fast as possible. If you follow this guide step by step you will have the full amount of Kudos faster than you ever expected.


The first thing you want to do is walk straight into Varrock with your head held high. Go to the Varrock Museum on the bottom floor. It’s the first Kudos you will be earning and can be done at level three combat. Talk to Orlando Smith and walk down the stairs into each exhibit. Read the plaques and answer each plaques questions three times correctly. Once you have answered them all go back and spend with Orlando Smith located up the stairs. Congratulations, you have obtained 28 Kudos after correctly answering all exhibits.

The second thing you will be doing is cleaning finds. The requirement to start cleaning finds is the completion of a quest called “The Dig Site”. After you complete the quest you can find the cleaning area located on the ground floor of the Varrock Museum.  To starts cleaning, you must equip leather gloves and leather boots. Other items you will need is a specimen brush, trowel, and rock pick. You can find those located on the tool rack on the southern wall of the Varrock Museum.

When you have obtained all of the items above you will need to collect uncleaned finds located next to Sinco Doar. Use the uncleaned finds on the specimen tables to clean them. In total there are five artifacts that you can exchange for Kudos. To exchange the artifacts in for Kudos talk to one of the archaeologists. Once you have talked to one of them you must place the artifacts in the correct displays scattered around the museum. Congratulations! You have 78 Kudos now.

Questing will be the next step in your path. Go to the Varrock Palace library and find the book called “Dagon-Nai history and then read the book. After you have read the book you will need to complete a few quests. Here is the full list of quests you’ll want to do as soon as possible. Rune Mysteries, Demon Slayer, Shield of Arrav, Hazeel Cult, Making History, In Aid of the Myreque, A Tail of Two Cats, Merlins Crystal, Observatory Quest, What Lies Below, The Grand Tree & The Temple of Ikov and Desert Treasure. Congratulations you now have 143 Kudos total.

You now have access to the coveted Fossil Island. The next step is the completion of the quest called “Bone Voyage”. Once completing “Bone Voyage” you can find “unidentified fossils scattered around the Fossil Island. Once you have found the fossils you must then clean them so that they are able to be identified. You are also able to get five unidentified small fossils located in the Museum Camp after building the utilities. Once they have been built just talk to Peter.

The fossils that have been cleaned on the Fossil Island are added to the displays located on the Museum’s paleontology floor downstairs. Once you go downstairs you will see five large displays, five plant displays, twelve medium displays, and fourteen small displays.

Displays are complicated to a lot of people but are simple when breaking down the requirements for each display. To fill the assorted displays, you will need to obtain a spine, pelvis, limbs and a skull of the same size. Plant displays are even easier, to fill a display you will need a stump, branch, fossilized roots, a mushroom, and leaf. Once all of the cases have been filled it will turn into a very large display of a mighty Leviathan that can forever be admired.  Each display completed grants you two kudos each which adds up to be 215 Kudos total you have obtained thus far.

You have almost completed the journey! There is a mini-quest called the “Curse of the Empty Lord” and since you have done the quest list located above by following this guide you already have the requirements of ghostly robes. Finish that short quest and congratulations! You are ready to walk towards the horizon on a new found path of enlightenment because there are extra rewards you can get by obtaining kudos.

To receive the extra rewards from the Kudos that you have earned you will need to speak to the information clerk located on the first floor.  Below is a list of extra rewards worth collecting and writing down to get while on the journey to max Kudos.

Kudo Rewards

– At 51+ Kudos you are entitled to 1,000 Mining experience.

– At 101+ Kudos you are entitled to 2,500 Crafting and Mining experience.

– At 151+ Kudos you are entitled to 4,000 experience in Crafting, Hunter, Prayer, Slayer & Smithing.

– After completion of the “Curse of the Empty Lord” mini-quest, you will get 10,000 experience in any skill above 50. This is a top tier goal of obsidian maulers and level three combat skilling accounts.

– The ability to enchant a Ruby necklace into a Digsite pendant.

– After you complete each fossil display you will get an antique lamp based on the display completed. Small displays will give antique lamps that grant 2,000 experience in a skill higher than 20.  A medium display will give an antique lamp that grants 3,500 experience in a skill higher than 30. A large display will grant 5,000 experience in a skill higher than 35. Totaled together equaling  120,000 experience.