Safe and Simple OSRS P2P Goldmaking Methods

To make a lot of money, you also have to spend a little bit of money. It’s been true then, it’s still true in the tumultuous year of 2020. And as it’s true in the real world, and so it is also true in OSRS. Yes, the best ways to make OSRS gold still needs OSRS membership. Here are the safest of these methods!

Gathering Mort Myre Fungi – 250k OSRS gold per hour

For this guide, we’ll have very simple and zen gold-making methods in 2020. A lot has already happened this year, so we might as well chill a little in the game. Having said all that, we’re kicking things off with mushroom-gathering. Of course, it doesn’t sound as exciting as killing dragons or going on quests, but what matters is that it pays. However, you can’t just pick any mushroom and earn gold–it has to be Mort Myre fungi. It’s often used to level up herblore and is an ingredient for super energy potion, so it’s no surprise that it fetches quite a hefty price.

You can find them in Morytania, but you have to finish the quest Nature Spirit first before you can gather them. This is because you’ll have to grow the fungus by blessing the Silver Sickle, which is obtained from the previously mentioned quest. Be warned, however, that each time you cast the sickle, your Prayer level will be lowered by 1. If it has already been reduced to 1, go to the nearby Otto’s Grotto to recharge it.

Mining Gem Rocks – 200k OSRS gold per hour

Next up would be mining gem rocks. Surprisingly enough, this is even more “chill” than picking mushrooms. For this particular method, you need to have level 40 Mining, and the best pickaxe you can have (although it’s highly recommended that you go for a Dragon Pickaxe). Also, you need to finish the Shilo Village quest first. Lastly, while not a requirement, it’s recommended that you bring a gem bag. Walk north from Shio Village and you’ll see some purple rocks. That’s what you’ll be gathering. 

If you prefer to have more XP at the cost of a bit of gold per hour, you can use a chisel instead of a pickaxe. However, the extra XP you’ll be getting is not for mining, but for crafting. If you want to hit three birds in one stone, then this method is definitely for you.

Gathering Potato Cacti – 170k Per Hour

We leave Shio Village and head into the desert in Kalphite Lair to gather potato cactus, an item used to level up herblore using lantadyme, as well as to make magic potions.

To get there quick, rub your Amulet of Glory to Edgeville, then go to the fairy ring using the BIQ code. From a few steps west, you’ll find the entrance which you’ll need to descend to using a rope. The cacti are in a safe spot, so you can rest assured that you won’t be attacked while gathering them.

Catching Eclectic Implings 300k Gold Per Hour

Perhaps the most exciting endeavor in this list is this one: catching eclectic implings. You put them in a jar, and when you open them you get random loot, including the medium clue scroll, which has a rather high demand. You can say that this is OSRS’s version of loot boxes.

To access the puro-puro minigame where you’ll be catching them, you need to finish the Lost City quest first, as it’s located in Zanaris. You also need to have level 60 Hunting. Of course, it goes without saying that you must bring an impling jar and a butterfly net.

Easy and hassle-free (and monster-free as well), these methods are a great and safe way to earn OSRS gold in the current year. So, what are you waiting for? Start gathering, start earning! And you never know, maybe one day you’ll be rich enough to sell OSRS gold to other gamers.