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Runescape Accounts

Why should I sell my Runescape account?

Just like selling your Runescape gold, selling Runescape accounts is also a viable way to earn a few extra dollars every day. A Runescape account value depends on many factors like the accounts age, the skills that have been trained, the quests that have been completed, and the items that are stored in the account. Accounts that are new, with a relatively low total skill level, can sell for around $5-$30 a pop. Multiple of these accounts can be trained every day by one person resulting in a hearty profit. Accounts that are older, with a more seasoned skillset, can sell for upwards of $30 – $250 each. These accounts require a lot more time to prepare, around one every month, but are worth it monetarily. Finally, accounts that have been played on for years, achieving the greatest possible level can be sold for $2500-$5000 plus, depending on the stats, quests, and items on the account.

Who should I sell my account to?

Many people with ill intentions roam the internet, waiting for someone to deal with them. The best way to avoid such people is to sell your Runescape account to a reputable seller. Reputable account dealers have bought and sold hundreds of accounts over their lifetime, enabling them to inform you on the safest and most efficient way to sell your Runescape account. Another way you can sell your account is by selling it to an account retailer like AccountKings. This is the safest way to sell your account as it is protected by AccountKing’s insurance, making sure you always get the money that you are owed through an instant payment. AccountKings has a marketplace for OSRS Accounts and Runescape 3 Accounts so all your account needs are guaranteed to be met!

How do I find a reputable account dealer?

The easiest way to find a reputable Runescape account dealer is through the various black-market forums. These forums usually have a section for account sales where you can post information about your account and people can bid on it. One marketplace I recommend for account sales is Powerbot. The neat thing about the Powerbot marketplace is that it uses a reputation system. This reputation system should be used to determine the trustworthiness of the buyer. If they have a lot of feedback (100+) and it is all positive, this is a good sign that they are trustworthy. These dealers usually have multiple payment methods that they can accommodate giving you an instant payment on account delivery.

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