Selling Runescape Gold for Real Money

Why should I sell gold?

Selling your Runescape gold can be a very easy way to earn a few extra dollars every day. Runescape gold, just like everything else in life, has value (Approximately $0.18/M Runescape 3 $1.1/M Oldschool). This value that the in-game currency holds has flourished a vast economy derived by people who are too lazy to earn gold themselves. This demand that needs to be met is where you come in. Whenever you have extra gold, you can choose to sell it to one of the vetted and guaranteed suppliers listed on RSGilded for an easy and quick profit.

Who should I sell gold to?

Selling Runescape gold to a verified listing on the RSGilded Gold Site Listing Page is guaranteed to be safe, with no risk to either you or your account. This safety is vetted by RSGildeds team of Runescape real-world trade experts who have personally used every website that is listed. Some gold selling websites choose to pay higher rates if you sell gold to them in bulk, some only accept gold from certain games, and some choose not to buy gold at times due to them being overstocked. You need to take all these facts into account before deciding on a gold selling website because choosing the right buyer for your gold is the most important part of the gold selling process.

You can watch our guide on how to buy Runescape gold here.

How do I sell Runescape gold?

Once you have found a safe and reliable site to sell your gold to, all you need to do is contact the site or person via either live chat or skype, make sure you are talking to the correct person by making them send you a private message from their verified forum account, and finally follow the person’s instructions on how to give them your gold. Once you do this, the site or person will ask you for your PayPal or Crypto addresses and you will receive your money.

How can I make enough Runescape Gold to sell?

Selling gold requires you to have a lot of it. One question you may have is how am I going to acquire all the RSGP that I am going to sell? There are two very easy ways to earn a lot of Runescape gold every day using no effort at all.

One of the best methods to earn gold is flipping items on the grand exchange. You can view a tutorial on this here Flipping in Runescape. This method can easily net you around 25-30 million plus Runescape gold every day while only playing around one hour a day putting your buy and sell offers into the grand exchange. Some days, if you are lucky, you can earn billions of RSGP by cashing in on long-term investments.

The second way of earning RSGP quickly is to stake money in the duel arena. You can view a tutorial on this here. 

This method can yield unlimited Runescape gold every day, but it is a lot riskier then flipping items. Some days you may make 10 billion RSGP ($1700 RS3 or $17000 OSRS), or some days you may lose 200 million Runescape gold. It all depends on your luck!

So, what are you waiting for? The gateway to wealth and glory awaits you. Jokes aside, go sell some of your Runescape gold. You won’t regret it!