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- Buying gold from NMZTraining was quite simple, taking 12 minutes from ordering/creating an account to having the 15.5 million gold I ordered in my account.

- The live chat worker, although being slightly unresponsive, was very polite and answered all my questions in a respectful manner.

- The Runescape gold pricing was quite competitive at $0.19/mill.

The Process:

NMZTraining's unique gold selling system is very easy to follow through. First, you will need to create an account on their site giving them an email address, a nickname, and a password that you will use to log in. After that, you can navigate to their responsive gold selector page and input how much gold you wish to buy.

NMZTraining gold Selector

The price automatically updates to the amount of gold you wish to buy making the process math free. After this, you can either pay using Paypal or another cryptocurrency. We chose to pay using Paypal. After paying the order was created automatically one the NMZTraining site and I forwarded the order number to the live chat worker. After needing to forward my Paypal receipt that was emailed to me by Paypal to the live chat worker and him confirming that he received the email, the live chat worker will message you with a location and a world to meet him and pick up your gold. The worker will then verify if the person he is trading the gold to is indeed you via live chat.

NMZTraining gold Sale NMZTraining gold Sale

After this, he will trade you the amount that was decided.

NMZTraining gold Sale

Final Thoughts:

NMZTraining is a relatively new gold selling website backed by the trusted WYD on Powerbot. This, however, does not take away from the fact that the website's buying and live chat service is top notch and reliable. I highly recommend this website to new to moderately experienced Runescape real-world traders due to the trustworthy backing of the website.



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