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- The ordering process was very streamlined and reasonably quick, taking around 10 minutes from ordering to having the 30 million gold in my account.

- The gold pricing was quite competitive at 0.175/m

The Process:

Buying gold from PartyPeteShop was easy and simple to follow through. First, you will need to create an account on their website supplying an email and a password to use. After that, you can simply choose the amount of gold that you want to buy with their gold selector screen. The minimum amount of gold you can buy is $5 worth so plan accordingly.

Runescape Gold Market Gold Selector

After this, you pay using the easy to use G2A pay system with either PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Card or another provider they support.

Runescape Gold Market Payment Options

After ordering, a live chat worker will message you with a location and a world where you can pick up your gold. The worker will then verify if the person he is trading the gold to is indeed you via live chat.

Runescape Gold Market Sale Runescape Gold Market Sale

After this, he will trade you the amount that was decided.

Runescape Gold Market Sale

Final Thoughts:

PartyPeteShop is a very familiar name in the Runescape gold industry and is well trusted among the community. The streamlined buying process made the buying experience very favorable. The only negative point that was observed is that the live chat worker seemed to be very condescending, copy and pasting the same message over and over again offering no assistance at all. I recommend this site to seasoned gold buyers and sellers based on their purchasing process.



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