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- The gold buying process was streamlined, taking around eight minutes from purchase to having my gold in my inventory.

- The live chat worker was respectful and polite, responding to all my queries in a quick and appropriate manner.

- The Runescape 3 gold was very well priced at $0.16/m.

The Process:

Buying gold from RSGoldStop was very simple through their custom-made gold site. All I needed to do to purchase gold was to choose how much gold I wanted to buy.

RSGoldStop Gold Selector

Enter some personal information for verification purposes and pay for my gold through G2A pay. After this I contacted the live chat on the website and told them my order ID and my Runescape name. After this they verified my Sythe.org account via pm and told me where I should go to pickup my gold and to bring some junk items to skew the RWT detection at Jagex. After I got to the location the worker confirmed he was trading me and gave me my gold.

Runescape gold Market Sale Runescape Gold Market Sale Runescape Gold Market Sale

Final Thoughts:

The main upside to buying from RSGoldStop is their cheap price. RSGoldStop's prices are a good 10-20% cheaper than their competition making this site a good option to buy cheap gold in bulk from a trusted site. The only downside I found was that they required me to verify my Sythe.org account that was completely unrelated to my on-website trade which wasted time during the trade. Overall I highly recommend this gold site to people who want to buy gold at the cheapest price possible.



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